Guided tours

The Hof van Wouw is not generally open to the public in order to respect the privacy of the residents. Guided tours are sometimes possible during public events – see list of events – or by appointment. Tours are given by voluntary, specially trained tour guides and give a better insight into the cultural and historic background of the 17th century almshouse. As the high light of a tour the “Regentenkamer”, the office of Cornelia van Wouw from 1647 will be visited.



  • Tours
EUR 5.- per person
  • Tours with coffee
EUR 10.- per person
  • Tours with coffee + Haagse Kakker, a special cake only made and found in The Hague
EUR 13.50 per person

Of course more elaborate and “made to measure, custom made” arrangements with tours can be organized and booked via The Tuinkamer. That is lunches, dinners, receptions, weddings and much more.


The Tuinkamer holds a wedding license.