The 14 residents of The Hof van Wouw are all female, single, aged 50+ and have no pets.

A resident caretaker couple takes care of the everyday wellbeing and needs of the residents. They support the residents in case of illness etc. and the caretaker’s wife is known by the special title of “binnenmoeder”, the housemother or matron  

If one of the houses comes vacant the board of trustees in cooperation with the caretaker looks for a new resident. Several interviews take place between  the future resident and the board. During these interviews the rules and regulations of the Hof are explained.  

When it is a resident’s birthday the flag of The Hof van Wouw with the court of arms of Cornelia van Wouw is raised. At New Year there is a traditional celebration for the residents. This takes place in The Tuinkamer – the Garden Room – which is situated behind The Garden of the Hesperides. The caretaker and his wife and all the residents receive also a Christmas present. Once a year there is a dinner for everyone in remembrance of the founder’s birthday which  was in January. Nowadays it is usually a BBQ in the summer.

If you want your name on the waiting list of future residents please fill in the form. The following conditions apply:



  • you have to be aged 50+
  • you have to be female
  • you have to be single
  • you have to be capable to run a single household without help
  • no pets are allowed